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  1. Anonymous said: im just going to shave my head! i have shaved sides and a undercut

    Are you that annoying ass fucker commenting “I’m just gunna shave my head!” or whatever?

    Damn du ma…das a koo story.


  2. Anonymous said: In case you were interested to know, ATP is complete chaos right now. Word is out to the masses how jaded jc is.



  3. Anonymous said: Yo James, you need to give us an interview of your barber. Give us a rundown on what he's going through.

    If that was as easy as it sounds, I would. I need a videographer to make this happen…in other words, I need to have a homie with me when I get a cut and that is a rarity.


  4. Anonymous said: Has there been any word on what the deal is with that formula X and Y stuff yet?

    Not at all.


  5. Anonymous said: Why did the Lockhart etsy page close?

    They’re pre-occupied with other things. You gotta understand…homebrewers don’t brew for a living. They do it as a passion. When shit gets in the way, shit gets in the way.


  6. Anonymous said: What's your opinion on r/mfa?

    Pfft. What’s my opinion on JCPenney…


  7. Anonymous said: The labels for shiner gold, bona fide and steadfast are all so fucking shit.



  8. Anonymous said: hey James. I'm currently using Layrite Deluxe on an everyday basis and I freaking love the stuff. my only problem is that I wish it dried or harden slightly harder to keep my hair in place. can you recommend me a water based product with the same qualities as layrite deluxe but with a harder finish? thank you in advance.

    I never answer stupid questions like this because I ain’t yo personal hair dresser…but I will answer yours because your taste is so unique and unlike most others’. You like crustiness.

    Go for Imperial Gel Pomade.


  9. Anonymous said: Tres Flores allows me to style a pomp with good height, but my pomp is like really fragile with it. Why is this so, and what characteristics should I look for in a pomade that fixes this problem?



  10. Anonymous said: what camera did you first start out with?

    Still on my first which is the Canon t3i. I was supposed to get a new 6D but UPS FUCKING FUCKED UP THEIR SHIT AND DELIVERED TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. Obviously, those people weren’t gunna be like, “Oh here you go. You delivered this camera to the wrong address.” Now, I gotta deal with this shit to get my money back before I order another one.


  11. Anonymous said: Thought u already did js salone

    Did the mediumweight. Doing the heavyweight now.


  12. Anonymous said: Hey pleeeaaasseeee help! is it okay to like run, workout, and sweat when you have a lightweight oil based like grandad's in your hair??? what would be the cons of that?

    It’ll melt all over YO FACE.


  13. bluesandbourbon said: Hey man, been following your work here since a little before the New Year. Great work on the site; I look forward to your new reviews on a weekly basis. You and Harrison are awesome for taking the time to put them together on the regular. You both deserve all the success you've had this year. My question is a pretty basic one: Lockhart's recently switched up their medium formulation. I never had a chance to try the original, but I really like this new one. Any plans to do a re-review?

    Hmmm…re-reviews. I’ll think about it. If my load ever gets light (not likely), then I’ll look to do reviews on peeps who changed up their formulas.


  14. metalpirate13 said: This might come off as a completely dumbass question, but is there a preferred instrument to styling your hair? I currently use a comb, but I've seen brushes being used as well. I've had a pomp for the last couple of years and I still feel like I'm fighting to get the right look every time. Your input is welcome.

    I’d just go with a comb — the simpler, the better. Complication doesn’t make life any better or you any fancier.


  15. stillchasinggosts said: new format is waaaay better. a lot more concise, having the video and written in the same post, and having the video basically go through all the key points like the excel file is just logical. Really like the endurance piece you added. Cheers

    Thanks for the feedback du.