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  1. Dax Green and Gold Hair Wax

    This product was another one of those pomades that I decided to try way back in the day because of its eye catching presentation. And being under $10, I couldn’t resist.

    The pomade comes with a bit more than the standard 3.0oz – it’s in a 3.5oz solid green tin surrounded by the conventional Dax design. It plays off its Green and Gold name–a green can covered by shiny gold lettering. Pretty neat.  

    A soft fruit scent, almost like a generic smell you would get from a candle. I can’t pinpoint exactly what kind of fruit, but the smell itself has a sweet aroma that isn’t too overbearing. 

    Because of its oil ingredients, the hair wax feels like a medium pomade–not too hard to scoop out of the can nor too thick to the feel. Greasy and easy to rub throughout your palms for the application.

    There was a bit of tug largely due to my hair being thick and a bit tangled. However, as I already mentioned, the pomade characteristics of this product does remind me of a lighter version of say, Murray’s Superior. Having my fingers run through my damp hair wasn’t too bad, and after combing a couple of times, the process was smooth enough .

    Initially, the slickness is there. Throughout the day however, the tightness starts to fade away, leaving you with a distorted pomp or in my case, waves becoming more prominent and jutting out.

    Oil = shine. Dax G&G is definitely shiny, more than I remember.

    The strength I would rate as a solid medium for my hair. Why? After an hour or so, the pomade does lose its ability to keep my hair in the position I want it to.

    As a product with oil ingredients, Dax G&G does give you the ability to restyle and recomb throughout the day. This is something I do not like to do since I do not want to worry about my hair after it’s been settled. Very little endurance comes from this product. The pomp flattens or sways way too much after the day continues.

    Oil-based. Restyleability is a given. Easy to recomb, restyle, and redo in whatever manner you desire.

    Quality of Buildup
    Almost like Murrays or Dax. It’s a heavy build up, but it’s a bit easier to wash out. This does not mean it’s easy to wash out. It’s just…a bit quicker to leave your hair.

    Oil products will cling to your hair no matter the circumstance. You’re going to need some heavy degreaser products, much water-based pomade usage, or many shampoo washes to get this completely out. I think I’m on my 3rd day without reapplying and it’s still noticeably there. 

    I rarely use Dax Green and Gold, but my guess is that it’s good for people with shorter, finer, or straighter hair. It’s medium strength will probably fair better in the battle. The product does have nice qualities, such as the subtle fruity scent, restyleability, and a nice shine. Slickness isn’t a given for me since my waves did protrude out after a couple of hours. This neon goo is nothing of a game changer, but it can work for the right type of hair.

  2. The one and only: Bui family.


  3. Anonymous said: Can we see more of harrison?

    You hear dat Harrison? Dhey want cho D.

    I think he’s in the process of uploading a new review. By the way, you can expect to see A LOT more of him now. We’ve established a partnership between him and Mr. Pomade…so, I get a re-celebration is due in the near future for his official addition to this blog.

  4. Patagucci.


  6. Anonymous said: So in your "about" page you say that the whole point of this page is to "Just. Look. Good" but in your FAQ page you say you don't care what society considers attractive. So are you saying you go by what YOU think is attractive?

    An artist is no artist if the world cannot appreciate his work. It might be fun and all, but he gets no where by just impressing himself. Now, that’s not to be confused with making or being something society thinks is beautiful or attractive. The goal is do something so well that you convince society what is beautiful.

  7. Upcoming reviews.

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  11. Anonymous said: JC Hillhouse is a giant fucking douche bag though.

    Won’t stop me from taking his money…but if he wants to review it, ain’t nobody gunna care about his opinions.


  12. Anonymous said: If JC Hillhouse were to have ordered a jar of The Pomade, would you have sent it to him or just flat out denied him and refunded him?

    Nawh. His money’s still good.


  13. Anonymous said: Are you gonna review dax wave and groom or royal crown pomde? or if your not, what are your thoughts about those pomades?

    What are my thoughts on a Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Camry?


  14. Anonymous said: I'll say this; if you have to deal with Grandad's and you're local (San Diego), contact Bryce directly. He hand delivered to me a day after he finished making a new batch. Given this was almost a year ago so I can't speak for the service from the last couple months. But shipping is usually a nightmare so I'd cut him some slack but at the same time, he needs to realize he's running a business and to keep that business running, he needs happy customers.

    With the excellent customer service (and shipping) offered by other homebrewers, his inability to reach that standard of operation is the reason people buy his product from retailers. And so, he’ll always lose a huge cut to the middle man via wholesaling.