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  1. Anonymous said: James the sidebar is nice and all.. but the buttons aren't working :/

    Stupid me. Thanks for letting me know.


  2. Anonymous said: Advice for incoming college freshman ?

    I literally get like what…5-20 questions a day and so, thank you for giving one that’s actually interesting and worthwhile to answer.

    College is going to be a big part of your life, whether you come in after watching too many movies about it or not really caring/expecting too much as I did. Either way, it will be a big part that either solidifies what you already know, flips it all to shit, or just…who knows? College is different for everyone. Make it what you will…or not — don’t feel the need to if you don’t.

    I’m going to split this up into three sections that I believe are logical. They may get long, so I’ll try to italicize the important stuff.


    Be open to getting things wrong. Be prepared to change your mind. And be ready to think differently.

    In all honesty, Stanford flipped my world upside down. I went from being at the top to being just average — then again, it happened to most people there too. Just not to the geniuses that are literally…geniuses. Think of it like this, you’ll be heading to a school where everyone is around your level all thanks to the application process. Top of the class, middle, or bottom…whatever it may be…you’re headed to a place where others are at your level.

    It typically ends up being discouraging for people. So, it’s important for you to view this more as an opportunity rather than panicking. Push yourself to the occasion and do your best. Grades are not as important as they used to be, but don’t get me wrong…they are not a means to an end. They are a reflection of your performance and determination. If you try to do things for the grade, you will fail. As you get older, what you learn becomes more and more applicable.

    Learn for the sake of learning, and the grades will come later.

    Aside from that, choosing your major is next biggest thing to that you’ll face. Unless you’re in the changing Texas education system (according to NPR), we’re not accustomed to making the decision that will shape our future careers. There’s plenty of people talking about how a degree and a major won’t directly link to your career…and there’s truth to it. But I’d like to present the side that it IS important.

    If you’d like to think of it as less of a constraining decision and more as an opportunity to make your first step forward, it’ll seem like a more ‘exciting’ decision you are about to make.  I probably sound like a blind, optimistic kid right now…but hey.

    Don’t think you already got your mind all made up. Be open to changing your mind (or not).

    I came to school thinking that I was going become a Chemical Engineer. Then I realized two things…ChemE isn’t as chemistry as I wanted it to be, and I felt more in my place just…well…making shit. So, I changed.

    Money’s not a good enough motivation. Pleasing your Mom and/or Dad ain’t enough anymore either. You gotta do things because you want to. You need to want it, and want it because you want something bigger. Motivation is key.

    Just do what you want, and do it because you want it.


    This is probably the most discussed part of college, and shit, I had very little interest in it. If it’s the parties and what not that you wanna hear about it, Harrison will probably do a better job telling you about it. He wasn’t a crazy party animal or anything, but he had his fair share of funzies. 

    No matter what college you go to…if you want parties, you got ‘em.

    There’s a lot of people who will take advantage of college as a chance to kinda start their life over. Or rather, reset their public image. Honestly, I don’t like that shit at all. That’s a whole other lecture of itself. But I do wanna mention this because it brings up a hilarious series of stories.

    Tabula rasa. 

    He had this ugly Asian kid in my freshman dorm — annoying ass dude. By all means, a nobody and definitely someone that just blends into the mind’s closet of unimportant things. He decided that he wanted to reinvent himself, so instead of dressing like an Old Navy mannequin…he started dressing like a Old Navy mannequin…WITH A SCARF. Plus he started blabbering everyday and telling everyone how much of a hipster he was. This kid was like hopping around being all, “Look how hipster I am. I am ssssooo hipster. Laugh at me. These stripes make me sssooo hipster.” It was like…STFU DUDE! We can’t even effing laugh at you because you’re so damn annoying, 

    Anyways…the most important point to learn from college (if you haven’t learned it already) is that friends are important.

    REAL friends are important.

    There will be high and lows in college. Really happy moments and real struggle bus times. Friends will help you through it, so you don’t need some half-ass acquaintances. It’ll be the true homies that help you through it all. No exaggeration. 


    You will be tested by college in many aspects and find out what you’re made of. At the same time, it’ll be fun and what not…you’ll come to learn what is and is not important to you.

    Enjoy it.

  3. Congratulations.

  4. Check out dat loogie.

  5. Underbelly

  6. Saint Arnold Brewing Company — Houston, TX

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  13. Anonymous said: Hey James, would you choose Suavecito Firme, Steadfast or Bona Fide Superior Hold pomade? These pomades are available at my local barbershop. Thanks in advance!

    I’d go with Steadfast for the best scent and performance out of the three, but honestly, I’d go with buying the pomade from the internet if you inclined to save a lil bit of money. Unless that barbershop is an exception…

    You can get Steadfast off Amazon for $11.29 here.

    It’ll be free and two-day shipping if you sign up for a Prime trial here. Use whatever email….your real. Your fake. Your mom’s. But if it’s a student email, I think you get a whole year free.

    Suavecito Firme would actually be the real good choice if you wanna go as cheap as possible…but if the prices are the same at your barbershop…yeah…just buy it there.

  14. Kitty knows what’s good. 

  15. Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/n6LEWk9NBnQ

    This is the first pomade I’ve come across to not just boast ethical production, but claim to donate a portion of its proceeds to fight human trafficking. There are seasonal products that donate to charities (i.e. Grandad’s Breast Cancer pomades). However, this one is ongoing. And I can respect that. 


    The product comes in a brown-tinted jar who’s design work just really really reminds me of The Daimon Barber’s jar. Yeah. There are some obvious differences, but I’m getting the same aura and feel to the two.


    In all honest truth, I can’t fuck with this smell. I understand the official scent is cedar and pine…I understand that some people may find it pleasing…but I think it smells like tamarind. 



    It has a consistency like that of Grandad’s Old Fashioned. There is a thin layer of waxiness that you’ll break through without much of a problem. After that, the stuff shears like a waxy pomade but smears into a nice paste.


    Once smeared into a nice paste, it’s pretty reasonable to apply. The waxiness does make it into a sticky product and thus, an effort to apply evenly.


    The stickiness does allow for the product to be slick in that it catches all stray hairs. But you guys remember our issue with some other pomades like this…throughout the day, the pomade caused hairs to stick together. And that counteracted the slickness. 


    The shine is strong with this one. 


    The hold is a notch up from The Iron Society. It’s the waxiness that provides all the hold with little additional product weight.





    It did well, but would score about average for a mediumweight pomade. The stickiness of the wax really weakens itself in this aspect, and at the same time, the stiffness helps with some sacrifice to the ease of styling.


    It’s easier to style the pomade halfway through the day once the wax settles.

    Buildup Quality

    Same waxiness as TIS but less in strength and more in softness. All in all, it’s actually really nice.


    Two showers should take most, if not all, the product.





    Overall, this is a new homebrew that we expect to see a lot of growth from. It’s an effective product as is, but there’s a lot of potential for it to grow. 

    For more information, you can check out there Etsy here.